About the Firm

Attorney Luke Garcia has helped thousands of clients in business law, real estate law, and bankruptcy law while he worked for a law firm that focused on high volume service. That high volume firm gave him a wide array of experience for his clients, but he found the culture of a  high volume firm distasteful in many ways. Clients never seem to get call backs in a timely manner and when they do it is often from a staff member with little knowledge of either the personal needs of the client or how to answer the questions that were posed. Often times the client is called simply to set up an appointment at a later date for their question to be answered.

While this works for some clients, it is not ideal for anyone and is not the way Attorney Luke Garcia does business. High volume practice nearly always fails to grant any level of in-depth client service or clarity of client understanding.

He decided to take that experience and put it to work for himself.  His mission statement for the law firm is “Quality you trust and compassion you deserve” and to that end he handles each case from start to finish. He does have staff, but you will never be handed over to a non-attorney for your questions, meetings, and most importantly, the preparation and review of your pleadings. He answers his own phone and when he cannot, you will get a call back as soon as possible. Most important of all, he endeavors to understand you as a person, not as just a number or another “product” of the firm.

Whatever you are facing in real estate law, business law or bankruptcy law, he can discuss all available options with you.  He will  include discussing non-legal alternatives. Whatever seems to fit your situation the best will be the direction he presents to you, even if that means he suggests something that does not include his services. He will always give you an honest assessment, so please call today for your free consultation.