Appearances, Consulting, and Of Counsel Service

Are you a bankruptcy attorney with too much court time building up on your calendar?  Do you find yourself away from the office too often and unable to get important calls, follow up on leads, or do necessary research for larger cases?

Are you finding yourself too busy to do training of your staff?

I know you are not necessarily ready to hire an additional associate, what with all the interviews and training and payroll and benefits and insurance. Then once you have the new associate you have to work their personality into the already working firm dynamics.  What an exhausting and financially costly process.

So I have three options for you and I am here to improve your practice:

Appearances, Efficiency Consulting, and Of Counsel Service.

First, appearance service might be all you need.  I will match match any price that is offered for Eastern District of California Appearances (prices subject to additional fees for non-Saramento locations).  The going rates vary, but when you hire me at least 7 days before the appearance I will also call the trustee to ensure that 521 documents have been received and will resend as needed.  I will also call 3 days before hand to see if any questions about the case should be discussed with the client before hand.  I will appear at the 341 meeting and take notes in electronic format and email them to your office the same day as the appearance.  Finally, if your client has any questions afterward, I will note the questions and send them with the 341 notes and my suggested answers.

I also make appearances for Chapter 13 341 meetings as permitted by the trustee and for all motions and proceedings in Sacramento.  Please call to inquire at 916-302-2323 or email at

Second, you may need some consulting regarding firm processes and procedures that can minimize redundant and time consuming processes.  My background was at a high volume firm that filed between 45-60 cases per month.  Prior to that I worked in a high volume call center where efficiency was the number on goal in order to process 75-100 customer service calls per day.  In order to do that and keep the office staff sizes relatively low, we had to use a number of efficient and easy to implement processes.  I will gladly offer my services to come review some of the processes your firm currently uses and see if training or tools that are readily available can help you maximize efficiency.Please call to inquire at 916-302-2323 or email at

Third, I offer Of Counsel services which will eliminate the need for “Specially Appearing” attorney status.  Depending on the number of cases you file each month, a flat monthly rate for all appearances can be quoted.  In addition, I will gladly price out a limited number of additional office hours per week that can be spent helping your staff, making petition reviews, or helping prepare or research motions and pleadings.Please call to inquire at 916-302-2323 or email at

Let me close by saying that I look forward to helping your law firm maximize it’s revenue without the hassles and expenses that come with increasing the permanent staff members. So call today and schedule an appointment to discuss your law firms needs.