So you are ready to start your business or have already been running your business as a sole proprietor for some time.  You seek out an accountant and one of the first things they tell you is that you need to incorporate to gain useful tax benefits.  But which corporate form should you choose and how do you set it up?

I am Luke Garcia, Principle Attorney for the Law Office of Luke Garcia, and I know the needs of small businesses and large businesses alike.  If you call, I can personally help you decide which available California business entity you need.  If you use my services, I will assist you in acquiring all the appropriate tax designations with the IRS, drafting and filing your Articles of Incorporation, drafting Bylaws (or partnership agreement) for the company, drafting Organizational Meeting Minutes, and filing your Statement of Information.  In addition, I can acquire for you stock certificates, a corporate binder, and a corporate seal.

These things not only make your business into a corporate entity, but they also make sure that your corporate entity is formed properly so that you can protect yourself from liability, maintain your corporate veil, and gain those useful tax benefits.  Please call me today at 916-302-2323 or email at so that we can set up a free initial consultation.